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Kits include everything you need to make at home—complete with reheating and cooking instructions

Dinner for Two - choose chicken or steak, small produce box, loaf of bread, bottle of wine (red or white) 40

Burger Box - four 7-oz. dry-aged beef patties, house-baked buns, jalapeño relish, smoked mayo, american cheese, potato chips (serves 4) 40

Pasta & Ragu - fresh pasta, dry-aged ground beef, vegetable box with ragu ingredients, sourdough loaf (serves 4-6) 40

Pot Roast - chuck roast, vegetable box with stock ingredients, sourdough loaf, peach cobbler (serves 4-6) 65

Italian Dinner - choose meat lasagna, pappardelle bolognese, or spaghetti and marinara; chicken soup, sourdough loaf, gelato, peach cobbler, bottle of wine (serves 4) 65

The Essentials - two dozen eggs, 1lb. ground beef, 1lb. stew meat, whole rotisserie chicken, large produce box, loaf of bread, bag of hamburger buns, gallon of milk, gallon of orange juice, 1lb. butter, 1lb. flour, 6 rolls of toilet paper 89


A pop-up of your Italian favorites! For More, see Sassetta's offerings on our "All Day" Menu

Pappardelle Bolognese Ragu Kit - fresh pappardelle, beef bolognese, parmesan (serves 2) 30

Shrimp Spaghetti Kit - fresh spaghetti, shrimp, fresno chili, arrabiata sauce, copping broth, pistachio (serves 2) 35

Lasagna (Prepared, Arrives Frozen) - housemade noodles, bechamel, bolognese ragu, provolone (serves one generously) 18

Spaghetti And Meatball Kit - fresh spaghetti, dry-aged beef and pork meatballs (arrives frozen), marinara sauce (serves 2) $30

Charcuterie Board - housemade salumi, mozzarella, giardiniera, crostini 16

Fresh Produce

Small Fresh Veggie Box - 10

Large Fresh Veggie Box - 15

Forum Meats

Texas Quail Farms Bacon-Wrapped Poppers - 14.99 each

Texas Quail Farms Bacon-Wrapped Knots - 11.99 each

Texas Quail Farms Sausage - 9.99

Bell & Evans Chicken Thighs - 4.99/lb

Bell & Evans Chicken Breasts - 7.99/lb

Bell & Evans Chicken Legs - 3.99/lb


Butcher's Box - dry-aged ribeye, dry-aged NY strip, 2 lbs. dry-aged ground beef, 2 flat iron steaks, whole chuck roast. 1 lb. stew meat 99

Chuck Roast - 7 /lb

Dry-Aged Strip - 15 /lb

Dry-Aged Ribeye - 15 /lb

Under Blade Steak - 7 /lb

Dry-Aged Ground Beef - 8 /lb


Roasted Whole Chicken - 12

Dozen Fresh Eggs - 3


Chef's Special - served hot or frozen for storing 10


Small Cake - (serves 6-8) 25

Large Cake - (serves 8-10) 45